as easy as 1-2-3

1.   Add two caps of "Sparkle" powder to 1 cup of warm water. This solution will last for one week.

2.   Brush and rinse dental appliance to remove loose particles, then soak in "Sparkle" solution for 10 minutes or overnight.

3.   Remove appliance, then brush and rinse well under running water.

That's it! Daily cleaning this way will keep dentures free of plaque and stains.
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the safe way to get amazing results when cleaning dentures
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•  Plaque collects on the hard surfaces of dental appliances just as it collects on natural teeth.

•  There are 6 times more hard surfaces on a dental appliance than there is on the teeth it replaces.

•  Denture material does not stain. It is the plaque on the denture material that holds stains.

•  Plaque build-up on dental appliances harbors many harmful and infectious organisms.

•  Plaque build-up is very rough and abrasive to the tender tissues of the mouth.

•  You may not see plaque, but it is that sticky film you feel, and it will harden if not removed.

•  Plaque hardens into white patches that cannot be removed by tablet type cleaners.

•  Using Sparkle Professional Denture Cleaner will keep your dentures clean as when new.
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