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Wellcome Collection’s Teeth exhibition features crude dentistry tools

Trump files his annual disclosure form, the White House says – after furious speculation about whether he'll declare Michael Cohen 'loan' for Stormy Daniels $ 130,000 payment Chaotic scenes at Grand Central Station as it CLOSES, stranding thousands of passengers heading home thanks to massive storm hits the north-east Now that's an oral history: Horrifying collection of crude knives, drills and forceps as well as some VERY rotten teeth trace dentistry back to its roots A barber-surgeon chair used for limb amputation, teeth pulling and hair trimming in the 1800s is also on view A European sculpture of a barber-surgeon reminds viewers what a trip to the dentist was like in the 17th century Dental phobia sufferers might want to stay away – a new exhibition features rotten teeth and a selection of 'crude' tools once used for their extraction.

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