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Partial-prep bonded restorations in the anterior dentition: Long-term gingival health and predictability. A case report

Molina, Ivan Contreras / Molina, Gil Contreras / Stanley, Kyle / Lago, Carlo / Xavier, Clessius Ferreira / Volpato, Claudia Angela MazieroPage 9 – 16Bonded porcelain restorations are a predictable and durable treatment option that can restore not only the strength and function of the teeth but also the esthetic appearance. One important issue in adhesive dentistry is the preservation of sound enamel. Following biomimetic principles, employing minimally invasive applications and adhesive technologies is of paramount importance for successful restorations. While it is widely accepted that minimally invasive restorative techniques should be favored, there is still some controversy over the noninvasive approaches. The purpose of this article is to question the complete “no-prep veneer” concept…

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